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member Services

What is it?

Your fitness is our passion, and we provide our loyal members with the accountability, nutrition tracking, and training platform for SUCCESS!

The Training Plan may be the framework, but the real foundation and execution of your fitness journey requires so much more. And what we provide exactly that: So much more!

Coach Booking


Seamlessly book a video call with your coach in seconds. 6-Week and 10-Week challenges offer weekly meetings and check-in's!

Visit our "Free Consultation" page to book a 15 minute call to find out more!


We have the FUNNEST platform for fitness! Our exclusive iLoveKickboxing self-defense classes!

But the fight begins in the KITCHEN! Nutrition and healthy habits are the key to your transformation. Sign up and you will be given every resource on what to eat and how to eat it!

Customized meal plans, recipes and grocery list so you never feel lost or out of place!



Technique Videos

We pride ourselves on quality classes and quality instruction. However, sometimes we need that extra refinement or fine-tuning to MAXIMIZE our technique!

Access our Treasure Trove of informational videos!

One side feels better than the other? A particular move feeling awkward? Just can't quite get the hang of "this" or "that"? Take comfort in knowing that we will teach you how to hone your skills!

Membership Perks

Wait, there's still more?!?

That's right! With our strong passion and desire to be a positive force in the community, we have partnered with local businesses in the area for much deserved support and to offer YOU a chance to save!

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